Relay Testing & Calibration

Relay Testing & Calibration

Relays ensure the protection & safety of an electrical system and provide users with vital diagnostic information. Relays work by detection of faults and then tripping of Circuit Breakers (CB's) to prevent damage. With usage over time the relay connections gets deteriorated and contaminated with carbon particles, etc. It's in the best interest of the end user to check the behaviour of relay after time intervals in a recorded documented pattern.

Also we do inbuilt testing of ACB. Inbuilt Release are installed in ACB's to provide protection against any overload, short-circuit and earth faults that arises, It is therefore very important to get the release diagnosed periodically to make sure it functions smoothly.

  • Installation & Testing of all types of Electromagnetic, Digital & Numerical Relays.
  • CT live current measurements, checking of relay wiring & its tightness.
  • Relay Testing by Primary & Secondary Injection Tests.
  • All Types of Relay Calibration to confirm if the operation of the relay is within the trip time and pick up current tolerances.
  • Relay setting, Relay programming and Scheme checking.
  • Test-check the functioning of Alarms, which notify of the errors in the internal circuit
  • Testing of Inbuilt release of ACB using tests kits.

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