Energy Audit & Conservation

Energy Audit and Conservation

Energy Audit And Conservation Services for Buildings and Industries


Looking for professional energy audit services? Look no further than ESEA. We specialize in conducting energy audits for various types of facilities, including hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, schools, manufacturing industries, chemical plants, power plants, FMCG, molding, mines, and more. Our comprehensive audits help businesses optimize energy utilization and transition to cost-effective and sustainable energy resources.


At ESEA, we understand that fuel and electricity expenses can significantly impact your bottom line. With rising fuel prices and stricter regulations, it's crucial for modern businesses to prioritize energy efficiency. Our team of certified Energy Auditors from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), an agency of the Government of India, are experienced professionals who have assisted numerous companies across the country.


We offer both Walk Through and detailed Energy Audits to cater to your specific needs. Our audits provide a thorough analysis of your energy systems, offering insights into your current electricity and thermal consumption, as well as annual energy spending. We also present energy-saving proposals with estimated repayment periods for any existing energy-related debt.


Our Services:


Walk Through Energy Audit: Our experts conduct an initial survey to assess your facility's energy consumption, using appropriate instrumentation for accurate measurements and monitoring.


Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit: Our certified energy auditors perform an in-depth analysis of your facility's energy consumption, comparing it against industry benchmarks. We provide detailed recommendations for energy-saving measures, including low-cost and no-cost solutions, as well as proposals requiring capital expenditure.


Monitoring of Energy Efficiency Projects: We undertake the implementation and monitoring of energy efficiency projects, ensuring effective utilization of resources and successful outcomes.


Benefits of Our Energy Audit:


Tangible Savings: Our customers have experienced substantial cash flow improvements and increased productivity by implementing our recommendations.


Customized Solutions: We provide tailored energy-saving strategies designed to meet your specific requirements, helping you align with industry benchmarks.


Experienced Professionals: Our team of certified Energy Auditors has over 30 years of expertise in conducting audits for various facilities, including hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, and industrial plants.


Comprehensive Methodology: We follow a comprehensive approach to production appraisals, demonstrating direct benefits in terms of cash flow and revenue items.


Areas Covered by Our Energy Audits:


Electrical Energy Audit:


Electrical distribution network and transformers

Motors, belts, pumps, and fans

Illumination system

Compressed air system

Cooling towers

Refrigeration systems, AHU, chillers, HVAC, VAM

DG sets

Thermal Energy Audit:



Steam distribution


Ventilation system

Hydraulic systems

Heat exchangers

Furnaces, boilers, ovens

Steam traps

By choosing ESEA for your energy audit needs, you can achieve immediate savings through our no-cost and low-cost measures. Let us help you enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable future. Contact us today to schedule your energy audit and start saving!

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Energy Audit in Gurgaon
Energy Audit in Gurgaon